Easier Board Meetings for Charter Schools

CharterBoards helps you manage your board, have great meetings, and stay in compliance with your authorizer.

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The complete toolkit for managing Charter School Boards

  • Quickly prepare and manage your meeting agenda, board packet and minutes
  • Effortlessly meet open records and meetings requirements
  • Save on printing costs
  • Create long-term stability for the school
  • Increase constructive community participation
  • Simplify charter renewal
  • It's the most affordable solution in the market

I can contribute to the meeting and take minutes at the same time! Finally!


Who knew making an agenda could actually be fun? Just a few clicks and I'm done!


"Our parents stay in the loop now. It's easy for them to see what's going on and stay engaged the right way."

Stop Jumping Through Hoops and Make a Difference

With CharterBoards, you don't have to worry about making sure you're publishing the right documents and the right time. CharterBoards helps do it for you. CharterBoards comes with an open government portal that stays in compliance with your local authorizer's needs. That means less time spent jumping through hoops, and more time spent educating children.